Rig Parts

Cardwell produced an excellent line of rigs. Many of these rigs are still in active service throughout the world’s major oil drilling locations. Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. has extensive experience with Cardwell rigs through its sister company, King Well, which operates a fleet of Cardwell rigs. When Cardwell ceased production, we used our own expertise and connections with Bridges Equipment’s fabrication and engineering to ensure an ongoing parts supply.

Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. not only carries one of the largest inventory of rig parts, but can also supply reverse engineered components. Clients that use Cardwell rigs can rely on Black Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. for continued support of their equipment with new parts, refurbished parts or remanufactured parts built to specific requirements.

If you are a user of or supplier to a Cardwell rig, contactBlack Gold Pump & Supply, Inc. regarding any parts requirements you may have. If the part cannot be found in our extensive inventory we will arrange to have it remanufactured.

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